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Which one is your style?

Chompsky is $4999.99 and takes me about a month or so to make for you. It is so worth it.


Future you will thank you for Chompsky eating all the barriers in your way to fame and fortune.

Better site and more pics coming soon. You can now buy this awesome Uke on AMAZON and get free shipping. If you want to buy a Gadol Guitar/Bass/Uke/Violin/etc or anything custom, please email me mike @ (you probably figured this out already) Also if you are a music store and want to carry Gadols, please also email me.

I bling stuff. Right now since this is relatively new, the product line is custom stuff, this Uke, the Chompsky guitar, and burst violins. More coming soon. I have so many ideas.

This Ukulele, called the I Lava You Uke is built on a Dean Guitars ML electric/acoustic ukulele. It is about the coolest thing anyone has ever seen and every single person I showed it to was impressed. It is a showmaker and a conversation starter. It's great from a stage to your wall to a your ukulele club. It makes a great gift. I only have a few and I bling these myself so it takes some time to make (they're rare making them even cooler).

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This is a Customized Dean Ukulele with a preamp and EQ.

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You have to email me to order, I don't have a shopping cart set up yet and inventory changes. mike at (you probably guessed it)


Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Zircon, Citrine, Crystal, Emerald, Fuchsia, Jet Black, Light Siam Red, Peridot, Rose, Sapphire, Sun Orange, Tanzanite, Topaz

See Colors in "PICK CUSTOM COLORS" above for approximate color tones.

One color solid (pick a color) $849.99
One color solid pink or fuchsia $899.99
Two color burst (pick two colors) $849.99
Pinkburst (Fuchsia outside, rose inside) $899.99
Three color burst (pick three colors) $899.99
Three color burst including one or more pink or fuchsia (pick three colors) $949.99
El Cactus Cantor (four color) $899.99

These include a case and a matching Sotobo bow, custom made with matching color hair.

I can add a custom name to the bottom right side of the violin (facing audience) for $100 (up to 10 letters, pick the color)

For genuine Swarovski Elements on burst designs, add an additional $1200.

If you would like me to make a custom design for you, let me know. Or a viola, cello, bass, whatever. Sky's the limit.

Please contact for dealer info, schools, and quantity discounts for outfitting a band of three or more.

The Gadol S-1A violin is a well made and good sounding instrument to begin with. The bottom and sides are beautiful flame maple with a nice brown/orange color. After the treatment, it sounds surprisingly powerful. The tones it generates are quite pure and rich, and the instrument resonates strongly and deeply. I believe that it sounds better with the rhinestone treatment than it did before. I hear less bow noise and harsh overtones.

I have a theory as to why I believe this instrument sounds better with the rhinestones than it did before blinging. This is only a theory and it may be incorrect, or it may be spot on. The theory goes as follows: On a guitar, you pluck a string and it vibrates and resonates and dies off. In a violin, you are adding constant energy to vibrate the strings via the bow. Sustain is not nearly as important in a bowed instrument than a picked instrument. Adding constant energy to a surface that has much more mass may create the deeper richer tone, it may reduce the shrill sounds associated with bowed instruments, it greatly increases the surface area of the vibrating soundboard as well as the angle of dispersion, and it may increase the maximum volume the instrument delivers.

This violin is absolutely recommended for live performance as it delivers a very good sound and a look that will make people pay attention to and remember you the violinist. This will make you stand out in your orchestra or your band. They can be made to match favorite colors, outfits, school colors, Mariachi uniforms, or anything you can imagine. Be the center of attention.

I would LOVE to do an entire Mariachi band with all matching instruments. Besides violin, I can do Guitarron, Guitarra de Golpe, Guitar, Vihuela, Ukulele, and Harp. Or whatever else you need.

I generally use two kinds of rhinestones. The standard is Korean low-lead glass rhinestones, which are very impressive. I try to use 10ss, which is an excellent combination of brilliance, size, and cost. For the premium models, I use Genuine Swarovski Elements, "Xirius Rose" 2078. The smallest they make is 12ss and these things pop brighter than you can imagine. No camera has been able to capture them in all their brilliance. Another neat thing about the 2078's is that they come in a LOT of different colors. If you want absolutely the best crystals, nobody makes a better crystal than Swarovski. They have a unique shape, more facets per crystal than anyone else, better clarity, better coloration, and better adhesive than anyone else. The tradeoff is that Swarovski costs about ten times the price of the Korean low-lead's. We also can use Preciosa, which are made in Czech Republic and cost about 30% less.

Here are samples of the standard 15 colors in the Korean low-lead line. I approximated the colors as best I could on my screen, which will be different than yours. They are close enough to major colors so variances between this and your screen will not matter.

Blue Zircon
Crystal (crystal is white)
Jet Black
Light Siam

Need a blinged out tailpiece?

Standard Ebony tailpiece add. Add some show to your performance quick and easy. Custom colors available.

Outline tailpiece $39.99
Loose pattern tailpiece (Mexiburst, pinkburst, etc) tailpiece $59.99
Full covered tailpiece $99.99
Full covered tailpiece with Genuine Swarovski crystals $189.99

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